We know how hard it can be to find an apartment if you have had credit issues or an eviction in your past. We want to help you find your next apartment. We have helped thousands just like you to find a great new place to live. We have an experienced staff of representatives who have established relationships with a large number of apartment complexes and apartment managers that are willing to work with those who have had problems in the past.

  • Evictions - Bad Credit
  • Bankruptcy - Broken Leases
  • Criminal Records
  • Other Issues

We work with many apartment management companies

Management companies treat our customers with respect. You will have a much better chance of being approved for an apartment if you go through our service. We can figure out what issues are holding you back, then direct you to the apartments that we know will be open to extending you a lease in your circumstances.

Apartments for people with an eviction history can be difficult to find. Most apartment managers or landlords will look at rental history even more closely than other qualifying criteria to let them know whether or not you are a qualified tenant. In their eyes, an eviction means that a previous complex had to go through court to forcibly remove you from their property. This is an expensive and lengthy process that no landlord wants to go through so they will view evictions very harshly.

Accepting evictions is not something an apartment complex will advertise, so the only way to know which ones might work with your situation without spending a lot of money on application fees is to work with a qualified apartment locator, like San Antonio Broken Leases.

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